28 Day Healing Cleanse

Day in and day out, all of our body systems—ones like the lymphatic, endocrine, and central nervous systems—are working for us without complaint.

The immune system is constantly ready for battle, patrolling every part of the body looking for invaders. We take all this for granted. We eat things our systems don’t appreciate, indulge in foods to comfort our emotions rather than feed our bodies.

Eventually, the physical body begins to show wear and tear. It starts with small breakdowns, then the larger breakdowns come. Imagine a car running low on oil. For a while you can get by on fumes, but at some point the oil will get too low. You’ll turn on the car, the engine will heat up, cause friction, and bang—you’ll blow a valve.

The human body is a self healing machine! Your body wants to heal. It can heal. Even after years of being ignored, mistreated, or misunderstood, your body will fight for you like nothing else and no one else can. When you tend to it in the right way, your body has the ability to rejuvenate and restore from the most extreme conditions and diseases.

If you are struggling with your health in any way, the game has to change. Eating restorative foods—and eliminating foods that cause problems—is the most critical aspect of healing any illness or health condition.

Following this plan for just 28 days will help reduce inflammation from many illnesses. It can make a huge difference in mental health. And the cleanse will help if you’re healthy and just looking to lose weight, or if you want to maintain and maximize your potential.

This program is taking place in a closed Facebook Group so you can join anytime and attend from the comfort of your own home. Cost $100.00 per person FREE program consultations. Call or text Ellen 360-601-0137 or email Ellen SuperiorNutritionWeightLoss@gmail.com