The Ketogenic Diet. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Because the ketogenic diet rightfully remove highly processed foods and include more vegetables, some people do experience weight loss benefits in the beginning but  may wind up with an adrenaline addiction. In this class or session you will discover how, over time, the corrosive adrenaline rushing through your body can easily burn out your adrenals and create and worsen other serious health conditions.

High-fat, high-protein diets are hard on the body and liver. Whether the fat is plant-based or animal-based too much fat thickens the blood and ages the body.

Instead of losing weight effectively, you are really just dehydrating yourself, thickening the fat in your blood and starving the brain of the glucose it needs from fruit and carbohydrate-rich vegetables to function well.

$75.00 for private sessions. Sessions and classes can be done in my office, your home or via Skype.

If you are interested in hosting this class (at no cost to you) for your friends and family, please contact me. Minimum 6 paid attendees. $20.00 per person.

Gift Certificates are also available, for more information, contact Ellen 360-601-0137.