Private Sessions, Classes and Workshops

I teach lectures, private sessions, classes and workshops on a multitude of health disorders.

Discover how your body works and why it begins to malfunction from chronic and mystery illnesses, when your body is toxic and you have nutritional deficiencies. I reveal the root cause and help lead you back to a healthy lifestyle.

$75.00 for private sessions. Sessions and classes can be done in my office, your home or via Skype.

If you are interested in hosting this class (at no cost to you) for your friends and family, please contact me. Minimum 6 paid attendees. $20.00 per person.

Gift Certificates are also available, for more information, contact Ellen 360-601-0137.

Autoimmune Diseases Explaind and How You Can Heal


Diabetes Explained and How You Can Heal

Endometriosis Explained and How You Can Heal

Epstein Barr Virus Explained and How You Can Heal

Fatty Liver

Fibromyalgia and How You Can Heal

Food Intolerance and Allergies

Gut Health

Hashimoto's And How You Can Heal

Headaches and Migranes

Healing with Castor Oil

Healing Your Thyroid Naturally

Healthy Kids

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mold Illness and How you can heal

The Ketogenic Diet. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For upcoming classes and workshops please visit my calendar of events.